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HoloCam | LDL | 3DMA | HEW | OFM | P-DH-PALM | DH-PALM | Locate | Track | DH-PSF | QSIP

3D tracking of fluorescent microparticles

We demonstrate three-dimensional tracking of fluorescent microparticles with a double-helix PSF system. An information theoretical comparison in photon-limited systems shows that the DH-PSF delivers higher Fisher information for 3D localization than the standard PSF.The system determines the 3D position of multiple particles with a single image and tracks them over time while providing their velocities. [See Opt. Exp. 16, 22048 (2008)]

Awards: Outstanding paper (OSA FiO, 2008); Best poster (Colo. Phot. Industry Assoc., 2008)

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